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Saturday, July 17, 2004
Billboard Settled...
From MSN: "Project Billboard had signed a contract for a 69-by-44-foot billboard displaying a bomb, but Clear Channel Spectacolor, which leased the space to the group, had concerns about the message, according to papers filed in Manhattan federal court by the group.

The $368,000 contract allowed Clear Channel to revoke the billboard if it was deemed obscene, “misleading or deceptive” or “offensive to the moral standards of the community,” court papers said.  Project Billboard, a nonprofit group devoted to “diversity, tolerance and free expression,” has begun a fund-raising drive to place billboards nationwide." ...  "Project Billboard has agreed to two billboards to run during the convention — a giant peace dove and a ticker displaying the cost of the war in Iraq in dollars."
Posted at 11:30 AM by John.

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