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Friday, November 07, 2003
In tribute to....
In Berlin in 1990, just after the wall came down, a bunch of us from my school were on a trip in some nameless hotel checking everything out w/ Miss Oxborough and Mr "Bunny-Bunny" Cox. I have pictures of my friends in the garden at a palace whose name I forget. It was snowy & they wore big hats.

I raise it because our entertainment in the evenings was cheapo and poor kareoke. The core of the experience was furnished by Luke Tapp & Alex Sharpe, and their rendition of "You've lost that loving feeling" by the Righteous Brothers. As I recall, we all joined in with the bass dum-de-dums on the last night.

Anyway - now this: "Bobby Hatfield, whose soaring tenor blended with partner Bill Medley's silken baritone to create the "blue-eyed soul" of the Righteous Brothers, died in a Kalamazoo hotel, his manager said. He was 63."

So thanks for the song, & the fun evening in Berlin, & here's hoping that it is re-released & goes to number one.
Posted at 4:20 PM by John.
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I was there too! I have photos of people in bi hats and doing karaoke!

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