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Thursday, October 30, 2003
Belligerent, moi?
This is why Howard is not the man for the job (although it is, of couse, fine by me if the man selected for the job is not, in fact, the man for the job.)

State of the Parties at 24 October 2003

Labour 408
Conservative 163
Liberal Democrat 54
Scottish National Party/Plaid Cymru 9 (SNP 5/PC 4)

Democratic Unionist5
Sinn Fein4 (Have not taken their seats)
Social Democratic & Labour 3
Independent Unionist3
Ulster Unionist3
Independent Conservative1
Independent Labour1
Speaker & 3 Deputies 4 (Do not normally vote)
Total 659

Government majority 161 "
Posted at 6:35 PM by John.

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