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Saturday, October 25, 2003
One Sided doesn't begin to cover it.
From the BBC:

"Australia 142-0 Namibia - Australia narrowly missed out on a world-record score against Namibia in an overwhelming victory in Adelaide. The Wallabies won by a record margin, running in a World Cup record 22 tries in the process.

Chris Latham, Lote Tuqiri and Matt Giteau all scored hat-tricks, with Latham finishing with five touchdowns. The full-back became the first Australian to claim more than four tries in an international.

And Mat Rogers, playing on the wing to make space for Latham in a largely second-string team, ended with 42 points - another national record - having assumed the kicking duties.

A little under 24 hours earlier, New Zealand had surpassed Australia's 90-point tournament record score with a 91-7 win over Tonga."
Posted at 5:40 PM by John.

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