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Saturday, October 25, 2003
Springsteen's pulling for the Bottom Line
From Rolling Stone: "Almost three decades after Bruce Springsteen launched his career towards superstardom after a ten-night stand at New York City's the Bottom Line, the singer-songwriter has offered his support to the venue, which is facing eviction from the East Village where it has spent the past twenty-nine years.
"The Bottom Line has made itself a central part of New York City culture," Springsteen wrote in a post at "When I think of the most memorable nights in my own career, few match the week of shows we did there in 1975. As a musician, as a citizen, and as one who loves New York City, I truly hope that a solution can be found that allows the Bottom Line and Allan and Stanley [owners Pepper and Snadowski] to continue their important, valuable work for many years to come."
Posted at 6:17 PM by John.

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