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Wednesday, November 05, 2003
Mrs. God
Mrs. God

I don't normally talk about politics or religion, but this was an interesting show, as much for the "stirring" that it did as for any possible truth to the story:

"Was Jesus married? Is it possible that what religious history and scriptures call the Holy Grail—the cup Jesus drank from at the Last Supper—was not the chalice that held his blood, but rather a symbol representing the woman who bore his child?

On Monday night, ABC will air a documentary that offers an alternative view of Christianity inspired by Dan Brown's best-selling mystery novel The Da Vinci Code. The film, titled Jesus, Mary and Da Vinci, is certain to make some people uncomfortable since it examines the idea that Jesus didn't live a celibate life, as Christian history has always maintained. Yet it's unfortunate that the documentary gives as much credence to the novel as it does: In doing so, it forgoes serious scholarship in favor of sensationalist rumor and shaky theorizing."

My take is that we'd all like to think that there's some higher power / control at work - & I for one am drawn to the idea that there might be an every-day manifestation of that power living in France... ;-) It was a pretty shaky show, but I watched the whole thing nevertheless.
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