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Friday, November 07, 2003
Rotten Tomatoes
write the Matrix: Revolutions. There's a lot to wade through there, but you're sure to find some good stuff. This is a particular gem....

"It seems alot clearer now about the roles the Oracle and the Architect played in this thing.

The Arcitect is pure machine, his entire way of thinking is that of a machine, everything is mathematics....When he tried improving on the flaws of the Matrix he was always thinking in terms of mathematics and logic....And while his improvments to the Matrix may have been correct, the human mind is always unpredictable and always makes illogical choiced and hence the correct solutions will never be correct....

The Oracle was devised as a program for the sole purpose of getting insite into the human mind in order to aid in the solution...(I know that this was already established in Reloaded...but stay with me)

While the Oracle had a better insight into the human mind and began to make progress in finding a solution to the problem in the Matrix it seemed that the Architect could never agree with her decisions and probably altered them to a more logical and mathematical solution...This is why little progress was made in correcting the flaw in the Matrix...(Even the Oracle says in Revolutions that the architects cant see beyond logic and mathematical choices)

Aparently the Oracle had finally had enough and resorted to going behind the architects back to instate her solution...And she knew that the only solution would be peace between the humans and the machines...This is something that the Architect would never allow because of the unpredictable consequences, and this is why the Oracle went behind his back.

Most of the scenario played out by Neo in all three movies was the Oracles master plan to finally enstate the only solution possible...Peace and coexistance.

If you listen to the conversation at the end of Revolutions between the Oracle and the Architect it makes perfect sense...
The Architect even said "You took a big risk, how long do you think this will last"....

Im guessing that in the first Matrix movie when Oracle was interviewing the potential Ones, she wasnt looking for any One but in fact looking for the PERFECT One to carry out her master plan and it turned out to be Neo.
She probably needed someone who she knew would infect Smith and turn him into a virus...She also knew this would give Neo something to bargain with once he reached the Deo Ex Machina...Neo would offer his ability to rid the Smith Virus from the Matrix and in return the Matrix would offer peace...The Smith virus was the key bargaining chip in the whole scheme.
Remember in Revolutions when Trinity, Morpheus and Seriph are trying to bargain with the Mero for Neo???....The Merovingeon said something like "I obviously have something YOU want but in order to make a deal you have to offer me somthing I want"...Thats what happened with Neo and the Deu Ex Machina, they both had something each other wanted...Smith was created as the bargaining chip...

Im also suspecting that all of the crap with the Merovignion, Persiphone, the ghost brothers were all part of the test and path of every "One"...These steps needed to be taken in order for the Architect to get suspicious of the Oracles plan.

But once Neo made his choice of which door to take thats when the path of the "One" changed and started heading towards the Orcale plan.

This all came to me when Smith was talking to Neo in the crater...Where Smith says "ive seen this before...your lying there, and Im standing here etc etc etc"....Then all of a sudden, for a few seconds the Oracle regains control over Smiths body, and speaks to Neo and says "Everything that has a beginning has an end"...Right then, Neo knew exactly what to do.....The Oracle LET smith take over her body but she was always in control...

You can also tell that the Oracle was indeed a ROGUE program because Serif tells Smith "Ive beaten you before"...Obviously in the past Smith had persude the Oracle and had to do battle with Seriph...

To sum everything up-

The Oracle knew that the only way to solve the glitch in the Matrix was for man and machine to come to a truce. However she couldnt convince the Architect of this solution because he knew humans were unpredictable and it would be too costly if she were wrong.
So whe turned into a rogue program and attempted the solution on her own with the aid of humans. Once the plan worked, the Oracle finally met back up with the Achitect at the end of Revolutions...This is why the Architect said "you took a big risk"...And his distrust of humans is summed upwhen he says "How long do you think it will last?""
Posted at 4:00 PM by John.

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