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Tuesday, October 21, 2003
Capitalism v. Culture
What's wrong with you people? How can it be more important to own a scrap of a now valueless artifact than to preserve and present the whole thing to whoever wants to see it?

From ESPN "Babe Ruth game-worn New York Yankees home jersey from 1925 was cut on Monday by a card company that will insert swatches of the jersey into packs.

The company, Donruss, purchased the jersey -- believed to be one of three Ruth pinstripe jerseys in existence -- at an auction last summer for $264,210.

“ I don't mind including swatches from current players. There are hundreds, if not thousands of game-used articles available for each player. But only three Ruth uniforms! All in the name of the almighty dollar! What's next? Cut up a Revolutionary War uniform of George Washington for Donruss' 2004 Great Presidents series? Maybe pieces of an original Declaration of Independence? ”
— Jay O'Neill, baseball memorabilia collector

One ceremonial 1-by-1 inch cut of the jersey was made by Donruss president and COO Bill Dully, with Ruth's daughter, Julia Ruth Stevens, assisting at the ESPN Zone in New York City. The jersey will immediately go back to the company's headquarters in Arlington, Texas, to be sliced and diced into 2,100 pieces."

Real nice. Good job. Just in case you want to write & tell these guys you think they're jackasses, the address is:

Donruss Playoff, L.P., 2300 East Randol Mill, Arlington, Texas 76011, 817-983-0300
Posted at 2:50 PM by John.

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