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Sunday, October 19, 2003
John Constable? or Constable John?
BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Graffiti star sneaks work into Tate: "A painting smuggled into Tate Britain by graffiti artist Banksy went unnoticed until it crashed to the floor hours later.
Banksy, best known for creating the sleeve of Blur's current album, glued the painting to the wall on Wednesday after visiting the gallery in disguise.
The picture consisted of a rural scene with an image of police tape stencilled on to it.
It has now been placed in the London gallery's lost property section.
The painting was accompanied by a card which read 'Banksy 1975. Crimewatch UK Has Ruined The Countryside For All Of Us. 2003. Oil On Canvas'.
It added: 'The artist has found an unsigned oil painting and then stencilled police incident tape over the top.
'He argues that ruining the work in this way reflects how our nation has been vandalised by an obsession with crime and paedophilia.'
A statement from Tate Britain said that a man 'had left a personal possession in one of the galleries'. "
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