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Monday, October 20, 2003
Rugby (World Cup) Round-up
From Rugby Round Up's comments on the England v South Africa game:

Rugby (World Cup) Round-up: "8) Where's Campo coming from - 'Australia and New Zealand will sit back and think that you can beat England' - surely everyone thought they could beat England.... Aren't we too old, etc....

'We know how to beat England, you drive them back and put pressure on Jonny Wilkinson' - yeah, right. SA and France are the best teams to put that pressure on, given the balance/set up of their teams. Oz can't pressure England up front. NZ maybe, but really they'll do it on the outside. It's too soon now for anyone to think about that - there's a lot of rugby to come."

Read the whole thing.
Posted at 8:16 PM by John.

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