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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Blogger Beta Feed URL's
Thanks to Scott from Banana Stew for laying out the new beta feed URL's in a comment here. This belongs front & center... The url's are laid out as follows:

The URL for the post feed is:

The URL of the comment feed is:

The URL of the per-post comment feed is:
  • The URL for the short form of each feed is at the same URL, but ends with /summary rather than /full.
  • I would imagine that these feeds can still be run through Feedburner to gather & report accurate subscriber stats.
  • To access these feeds in RSS 2.0 rather than Atom 1.0 format, append &alt=rss to the end of the URL, as described in Blogger Help.
  • To find out your blogID, sign in to Blogger beta, then head to new post, or to manage posts, settings, or layout. In each case the end of the destination page URL will be your blog ID.
  • To find out a post ID, head to a Beta post page, & select the "post a comment" link. The end of the "post a comment" URL is the post ID.
As discussed in the comments at The Last Word, the link to the whole blog comment feed seems to be awol for a significant number of users (me, Ramani, & Adi, at least), but the URL above holds up, & let me make a sidebar widget....

With this info in hand, I've road-tested Ramani's "recent comments in the sidebar" method on FreshblogBeta. To get this to work, log in to beta and select "layouts." Add a sidebar page element, & select "feed" from the list of options. Enter the feed URL (your beta blog's comment URL, for example) in the pop-up window, and an options window will appear.

This will give you the opportunity to change the title of the sidebar box, as well as to add dates & authors to the content titles. This means that you can add summaries of recent posts on related blogs, (as well as a quick & easy recent comments section) to your sidebar. Excellent.

One other feed-related issue. As Philipp points out in the update to his announcement, having the new feeds be beta URL's could later present a problem after everyone has migrated and the system isn't in beta anymore.

While we're walking through the beta, here's a round-up of recent discussion:
  • Improbulus explores the detection of labels as tags by Technorati & not by Icerocket
  • Julie walks through the current state of play for anyone who has the option to migrate & isn't sure whether to make the move. The comments on Julie's post also point up an anonymity issue. If your GMail account has your real (and / or whole) name, & your anonymity is valuable to you as a blogger, don't use that account to migrate with.
  • Imp (again) has the scoop on updating your tagger userscripts so that they'll work in the beta. This fix points scripts to the new beta pages, and will work as long as the underlying functions are still possible, & only the locations of the pages that you want to modify have changed.
  • Peter @ Blogger Tips & Tricks walks through the greatly simplified process of adding advertisements and affiliate content to your beta blog using layouts, which seems to have been a significant target of the upgrade.
Nice to breathe out, relax, & start to see the lay of the new beta land a little.

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Posted at 8:35 AM by John.
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Blogger RPM said...
Wouldn't the problem of temporary URL's (beta) be resolved if all feeds are burned with feedburner?

Sort of like mail forwarding?

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Blogger Unknown said...

The Blog comment feed URL
doesn't work for migrated blogs (page doesn't seem to exist). It works only for newly created blogs in Beta. That's why I couldn't get the recent comments method working in Hackosphere after migration.

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Blogger Turbo said...
Any idea how to get it work for migrated blogs like mine :-

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Blogger John said...

I guess we're waiting for that feature to go live?

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Blogger Fin said...
The migrated blogs issue may just be blog settings. Go to the "feed" subtab of Settings and make sure that you have the comments feed enabled.

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Blogger xvbladelovevx said...
If you add "?alt=rss" without the quotes you'll have the new rss feeds instead of the atom feeds.

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Blogger Maurice said...
Using the link to find my comments feed only gives me comments up until the last post which is NOT on my front page. weird... :-/ Any ideas?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I find it hard to believe that you cannot get a feed for just the posts in a specific label/category?

Why do the work if you're not going to turn it into a feed?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
are there any news about the comment feeds for migrated blogs? when will they be working?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I am having a lot of trouble generating feeds from my blog, migrated to beta.

First problem is that the atom/rss feeds only contain the most recent 25 posts.

Second problem is that the comment feed only contains comments from posts that are not in the most recent 25 posts.

This is all very, very frustrating.

I am wishing I'd stayed away from beta.

But thanks for the post on feed URLs, very helpful.


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This does NOTHING to make Blogger more podcast-friendly. I say this because you CANNOT just simply have an RSS for a single post. IT **MUST** BE FOR THE ENTIRE PODCAST SITE!!!

Nice for text blogging though....

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
thanks a lot... the URI for the comment feed saved my hours I would otherwise had to work uphill to learn

kindly keep up the good work

Gopal Aggarwal

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
hi...well, actually I have spent hours on this

I feel that the BLOG ID can be dipensed with, if in case it is difficult to acertain is, as it might be if the autodicovery links have been modified.

Kindly try the format

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Blogger John said...

Agreed! This works. PurpleMoggy lists these formats, as introduced on Freshblog here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thanks! I was trying to find the "short" feed link in blogger for awhile (I thought it was /short compared to /full, but it turns out /summary was the winner).



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Blogger சீனு said...
Thanx. Is there any way to find the BlogId and PostId by giving a page's URL, (not by visiting the particular page)...

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