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Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Thinking beats Linking?
Some discussion at Problogger & Performancing of when and whether it is OK simply to link. and whether the traffic on a blog grows when the content turns to thinking... My thought? Linking works if you already have a reputation and people are likely to be interested in something solely by virtue of the fact that you're interested in it. (Rubel, Darren, Randy...) For the rest of us, some original thought, explication and added value is required. Thus, the thinking! Ah, but this is a blogosphere perennial that will run & run!

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Posted at 10:08 PM by John.
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Blogger Singpolyma said...
I know that when I started blogging I did a lot of linking. I had one subscriber. Now I do almost none. I have (according to feedburner) an average of twenty.

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