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Saturday, April 08, 2006
No Spam... Meow!
Some buzz about the impossibility of reading Blogger's captcha images this week, esp. from Phydeaux3, who has taken out his captcha frustration on a spiffy new template. Zenyenta has the answer. Kitten Authentication. This is a 3 x 3 tiled image of various zoological organisms, only 3 of which are of the kitty variety. The system requires that you click all 3 kitties to verify that you are a human. No more warpy words, just cute and cuddly kitties. Sort of reminds me of the BlogExplosion "click on the right number" imagemap link, but with hairballs!

On a related issue (this is one of the tiles in the system, honest!)... If you were wrangling an owl, don'tcha think you'd want to wear, I don't know, a shirt?

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Blogger Sprittibee said...
Hey John... I want to ask you a question off-list. Can you email me? :)

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