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Tuesday, January 17, 2006
Technorati Survey
Hey everyone, get over there and ask for tag-clouds... (or whatever else would float your boat!)
Technorati is planning lots of exiting new features for 2006 and we would like to know more about you, your reading and blogging habits, and the features you would most like to see implemented by Technorati this year. Our team has put together a 33-question Technorati survey to help us quantify your preferences and needs.
This is an interesting process, & I wonder what it is all about. I see questions about vanity searches and the frequency with which you tag (guilty!) as well as some about investigating businesses, checking out what people are saying about clients, and seeing what's being said about your own business. Is there a repositioning for the corporate market in the works?

There's also the suggestion of premium "pay" member services. I wonder what these would be, and I wonder if any of the existing "free" services will disappear behind a pay window?

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