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Thursday, January 12, 2006
MySpace boosters told to quit
Blog Herald reports that a number of sites that post "supporting materials" for users of MySpace (templates, layouts, tricks, hacks, that sort of thing) have been cordially invited to stop, immediately:
The now Newscorp owned Myspace has sent out Cease & Desist To MySpace Domain Sites that actually support the Myspace service.

According to Search Engine Journal, the sites offer tools and downloads to a very loyal MySpace community including layouts, graphics and image hosting.

Hmmm. Let's imagine, for a moment, a site that collects material that enables users to customise their blogging service and to adapt it to their needs (shouldn't be too hard...) :-) Where's the benefit in the hosting service shutting the site down & denying their users access to those tools, resources and expertise?

That thing out on the water, on that surfboard... that's MySpace jumping the shark. Xanga, anyone?

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Posted at 9:10 AM by John.
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Blogger Michael said...
This looks like a very silly idea. Although I rarely look at myspace these devices improve usability, encourage community building and signpost useful hacks to the website developers. Granted some of these may occasionally cause problems generally speaking the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.
Murdoch may well have eventually learned the import of the WWW but it's becoming clear that he knows diddly-ssquat about online cultures.

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