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Thursday, January 12, 2006
Technorati Cosmos Output as Ecosystem
Blog SEO brings a tool that will take your Technorati Cosmos and "rank" you, ttlb style, based on the results. viz:

I'm a Proud Citizen of
Technorati Cosmos

How about you?

Pretty cool additional feature for T'rati data. I would be interested to know what the other stops on the ladder are called!! A cool graphic output of T'rati's cosmos data.... Check it out.

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Posted at 9:19 AM by John.
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Blogger JM said...
that is pretty cool! I've seen "select few" for pretty high up ones and "poppin' up" for lower ones.

I think I will use this but I'm going to change the link for "Technorati Cosmos" to the search link for my blog, like the "who links here" link in the normal tecnorati claim tag.

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Anonymous Ignat said...

I made adjustments to the tool so that the "Technorati Cosmos" link goes directly to the Technorati "Who links to this blog" page(the Cosmos). Glad you all like it.

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