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Monday, January 16, 2006
Technorati in your Sidebar: Part 2
More on pulling Technorati tags to your sidebar, from Library clips :
I wonder if Technorati will provide code for a tag cloud for each profile…anyone hacked this yet?

…I noticed Alex Barnett from the CWH network, dropped his user tag cloud from Technorati into a post, I wonder if this same code can be placed in the sidebar, and for it to update as you update your user space at Technorati.

Otherwise the option is to hard code each URL into your sidebar which could takes a long time, and isn’t as fancy as a tag cloud…although if you only use 5-10 tags for your blog (more like categories), then this is a viable option…
So hey, Technorati... Any chance of a sidebar tag cloud? We'd use it, and we'd like it.....

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Posted at 9:20 AM by John.
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Blogger Patricia said...
I hope they're listening. That would be very cool

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