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Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Splog Extermination: Step 1 - Selective Captcha
If thy's blog lookest spammy, thou wilst have extra hoops to jumpeth through, which Google hopest will maketh it not worth thy while....

Blogger Buzz: Spam Barriers:
Earlier today we pushed out a change that will prompt some users to solve a CAPTCHA if our spam classifier identifies the blog as spammy.

We plan to quickly iterate on this approach a bit (as well as extend it to posts created via the API). So far, we have observed a slight decrease in the amount spam being created.
Update 5.45pm: 5 comments from 5 new visitors, all of whom complain that they were locked out of their blogs by capcha for most of the day... None of their blogs, FYI, seem to me to be sploggy....

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Posted at 12:20 PM by John.
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Blogger piva said...
The idea is good but in the list of my blogs I've 3 that Google identifies like spammy! is the most important Italian blog (and one of the most important Italian site) for Italian press releases. It has 200 users that everyday publish their and their customers PR. It's indicized by Google Italian News.
Is it a spammy blog?
More important: I don't know the reason but also entering the correct word I'm not able to publish on it!!!!!

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Blogger Dae Butler said...
That's all well and good, but two of my three blogs are being identified as spammy. The first one, called Hints, is the only way most people find out what's happening on my web site. Nowhere on it do I try to force anything upon anybody. The second one, called Katsuko's Icons, is basically an icon blog where I upload icons for others to view and utilize if they so desire. Please explain to me how they constitute as spam, because, really, they aren't in any way, shape or form.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
my innocent little blog that I started yesterday has also apparently been blacklisted. I don't care that I have to enter the word verification, however when you enter it correctly, you STILL can't post anything!

Is it that my first "testing" post was just some links to new CD and DVD releases that I was interested in?

I have sent email to support and not heard back.. I hope they are aware of the problem and fixing it.

Again, a fine idea.. but you should be able to override by entering the word verification if you are a real human being (I think I am last time I checked?)

What an unfortunate introduction to the wonderful world of blogs...

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Blogger Michael said...
Just to reiterate what others have said, my blog has been blacklisted and despite entering the verification code I am still unable to post anything. Get your act together, Blogger - have you never heard of testing your software before putting it into widespread use?

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Blogger Fawn Jotters said...
As above - no warning, incompetent implementation, slow response to complaints. I've had enough and will now stop blogging. Sad.

CAPTCHA is dreadful - I'm going to have to guess what the letters say as they're so unclear.

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Blogger Brady Westwater said...
For two days I have not been able to post. No one will respond to me. Does know what to do?

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