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Monday, October 17, 2005
So this was a Splog-Bomb?
Mark Cuban suggests that this was a one-man job, & that means big trouble if 2 or 3 people figure out how to do this.... Watch for language...

BlogMaverick: "It was exactly two months ago I wrote about problems that and really, the entire blogosphere was having with Splogs created and maintained on, with a URL.

Well the Shit hit the fan today.

The blogosphere was hit by a splogbomb. Someone did the inevitable and wrote a script that created blog after blog and post after post.

Im not talking 100 blogs with a 100 posts each. Im talking what could easily turn into 10s of THOUSANDS of blogs pinging out millions of posts !

Do a search for HDNet on or any of the other engines and look at all the Splogs there are. And they have URLs like this So google, at least for the time being, we shut out adding new blogspot posts to our index until we clean all the bullshit you dumped on us out of our indexes. We will turn them on once our filters are in place, which hopefully will be tomorrow"

Update 10/17 8:15pm: True to the word, Icerocket doesn't show this as an inbound link to the "get it together" post, even though I wrote it a good while ago. I am persona non grata by association. Lovely!!

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Posted at 12:36 PM by John.

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