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Tuesday, October 18, 2005
Blogging Philosophy
Alright. Have slept, am calmer, and am less concerned with the prospect of this site tanking in the rankings or being harder to find because it is on blogspot. In common with Improbulus, I believe that Freshblog is dug in too deep now to make moving worthwhile, esp. if some efforts are made to clean house at Blogspot. As Jim said in a comment on last night's rant, you shouldn't have to pay to play. The whole point of the blogosphere is that it democratises access and allows alternative perspectives to be articulated without regard to finances. If you can click through the set-up form & write something half-decent, you can be read. I can't afford a server & a fast connection, so for now, this is it!!

House needs to be cleaned, for sure, & trust won back, but I'm going to sit tight for a while & see how Google play this out.

Posted at 12:49 PM by John.
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Blogger Ken Dyck said...
You don't need your own server to host a blog. I've been using Go Daddy's web hosting service for my blog. The performance is good, and it only costs $3.95/month, which I can usually cover with adsense revenue. So it's effectively free.

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Blogger Renaud said...
I just dropped by your blog : I'm sorry I cannot read it. Fonts are much too small and I cannot reduce the window size to get the text as a column.
Sorry !

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