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Saturday, October 08, 2005
Backlinks v. Trackback
Pause for thought. Amit at Digital Inspiration likens backlinks to trackback. I had thought of them more like Technorati Cosmos, w/ no added value / increased web-presence for the sites on the list. Do the links displayed by backlinks get "tracked back" & detected by search engines, or is this purely a "who links here" sort of a thing?

Update 10/9: Improbulus weighs in with an answer and a useful dissection of the new service, esp. the "create-a-link" feature, which is the "sort-of-trackback-but-not really" part of the whole gig.

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Posted at 4:27 PM by John.
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Blogger Yokota Fritz said... backlinks are Javascript output. Hence, there's no SE benefit to this. That's no different from Haloscan Trackbacks, though, from a SE perspective.

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Blogger Mike Abundo said...
I wonder which will become the more popular industry standard -- backlinks or trackbacks?

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Blogger laslo rojas said...
hello there,
I recently added this new Backlink feature in my blog:
which is based in a blogger template but i did some modifications over the time, so the html code was added automatically.
The problem is that by enabling Backlist, somehow my template has moved like 30 pixels down. You can see at the very top (below the black google bar) a color tick line, on top of the header image, that line is the background of the wrapper and isnt supposed to be there :(
I tried disabling Backlink but the damaged is done and not reversed.
Please if you have any idea what could have happened here and how to fix it, email me to amnesico at
Thanks in advance.

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Blogger bloxter said...
I use primitive (in french) wich is the stand-alone of Movable Type and it is a really great method to manage trackbacks in Blogger.

You can see it works on my own blogs : geneabax-blog, bloxter & ouarf (all in french).

Best wishes.

Jean-Yves, from France

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Blogger bloxter said...
I have create a new weblog - bloggertricks - to speak about the stand-alone of Movable Type.


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