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Friday, October 07, 2005
Recent Comments Hack: Another Method
Another way to put a list of recent comments in your sidebar, from Amit at Digital Inspiration

This makes use of blogger's "post by e-mail" feature, turning your comment-notification e-mail into a post on a seperate blog. Then you call the feed of that second blog back into your main-blog sidebar using a javascript. Pretty cool!! Thanks for the heads-up, Amit!!

Recents Comments are a good measure for guessing the popularity of individual posts in a blog. Recent Comments are available in Movable Type blogs and if your blog is hosted on Blogger, you are out of luck.

So I have written a simple trick for Bloggers to add a "Recent Comments" sidebar in their blogs without migrating to MT. And just like Movable Type, the recent comments sidebar gets updated in real-time whenever a new comment is posted on the blog. Just follow the steps below:

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