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Saturday, June 25, 2005
3 ways to use for categories in blogger
Alright. As the title suggests, there are now 3 ways that I'm aware of to use for categories in blogger. All of these methods make tags that are picked up by technorati too, because Technorati tags don't have to link to technorati. They can link to and technorati will find them because of the rel: tag attribute. One set of tags is therefore capable of doing two things!! One more step: Each method still requires that you bookmark your post to, but there are one-click ways to do that too...

Here's the methods, from lo-tech & least integrated to hi-tech & most integrated....
  1. Use the tag-making bookmarklet written by Ted Ernst. This is the method I started out with & the method I wrote a how-to for. This is ideal with blogger blogthis. After installing the bookmarklet, you write a post, use the bookmarklet to generate tags, & then paste the line of tag code into your post before you publish. More on my experience here.
  2. Use pace_tua's upgraded bookmarklet, which generates the same code, but pastes it automatically into the blogger "create post" link field and therefore includes it in your post without cutting & pasting. You'll need to change your blog settings to show the link field. More on my experience here.
  3. If you browse with Firefox. Install the greasemonkey extension, and then run a greasemonkey script that will modify the blogger create / edit post page to include a tag creator in the form. Then just type your tags as you type your post!! This method can be bookmarklet-free, because the script adds a bookmark to link to the blogger publish notification window. See my revised how-to.
I'm amazed at all the different ways to attack this problem that folks across the web are creating. Thanks for all the tools.... Let me know which method you're going with, & what works for you. If you're getting around this another way, tell me about it!!

Update 8/26: A fourth way to add the tags especially for blogthis! users: There's an extension bookmarklet out there for blogger blogthis! that makes it possible to add tags to posts that you write that way. The script was written to generate technorati tags by Ken at Ken's Meme Deflector. I've edited it to output technorati & combo tags. If you want to post with blogthis but tag for categories too, this script can help.

Update 11/16: See the new " Tagroll" feature as a way to export your categories into your sidebar automatically, without having to hand code a menu.

Posted at 9:10 AM by John.
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Blogger Melly said...
I read about the "automation" in your post from a few days ago, but I haven't tried it yet. I will when I go back to working from my own computer. Until then I'm doing everything manually which really bites.

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Blogger Angelsong said...
I've been trying to implement your categories on my blog. Am I missing something?

I've done these steps:

I have both a delicious and a technorati account
I've tagged my posts (some of them)
I've put the link for categories into my sidebar...

but when I click on Categories, I am taken to my Delicious page...

What I want to do is to create a drop down list for my categories using different topics, i.e., family, blogging, computing, etc.

how do I do this?

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Blogger John said...

The short answer is that I don't know, but I'm trying to find out. See my appeal for help here.

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Blogger Cherryl said...
i used ted's bookmarklet. i will try method 3 soon also.

i noticed that restarting my browser after i saved the bookmarklets to my link bar helped.

without re-starting my browser, the bookmarklet would not work, and the del.icio.ous bookmarklets would point to my delicious page or not work either. hope that helps.

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Blogger Perry said...
I love the category dropdown but don't like going to Since creates an RSS feed for your lnks, can't you simply call that from your blog?

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Blogger City Hippy said...
How do you implement the navigate 'list_side_tags' category drop-down...that is exactly what I am trying to do. Is the script available?

Looked on your site but cannnot find how you do it...



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Blogger Sam said...
Hey there... I just wrote a (colossal) post concerning the merits of tags versus that of categories. I did reference this entry in my post. It was very helpful. Thanks! I thought you might be interested in reading the post:

Anyway, thanks for an exceptionally well-written and informative blog!

Blog on!

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Blogger softermaniac said...
Re: adding the post to del.ic.ous link to one's blog... i've found if you combine the create a new post hack with it you can make it so that the post to del.ic.ous link only appears to the blog owner when logged in.

span class="item-control admin-XXXXXXX pid-YYYYYYY">post to del.ic.ous link


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Blogger John said...
Pretty cool, although part of the power of, & of this hack, is that multiple users can bookmark your stuff to their individual accts, so it doesn't necessarily need to be on an admin console, esp. if the goal is to spread / publicise your material as widely as possible....

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Blogger danchong said...
I have a simple way to get categories in Blogger. There's even a script generator to generate script for your sidebar template (like adding Adsense code). Please visit for details.

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Blogger parwana said...
I didnt read this comments section before writing my blog.
Also danchong's comment seems to be of more help.

But still I thought of sharing what I did.

It is written in the link provided by danchong that blogger doesn't allow javascript in the post but it is allowing. May be it has some restrictions.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Is there any way to have a pulldown menu for the tag roll?

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Blogger Tim Bulkeley said...
I've been really appreciating your neat script, thanks so much, but sadly installed FF 1.5, and now though the box appears it does not drop the code into blogger, any suggestions... I did update Greasemonkey...

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Blogger Tim Bulkeley said...
Sorry, stupid of me, I found the link at "revised how-to" above - I should have known you were more efficient than that ;)

Blessings and thanks,


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Anonymous Anonymous said...
In fact it's very interesting.

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Blogger Wayne said...
The script is working very well. I'm interested in adding a sidebar for category headings that brings a blogger search tool result. Is there any way to have the tags within the post "seen: by the search tool?

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Blogger Psybertron said...
Interesting I blogged about used del.ici.ous to create blog categorisation early last year.

I didn't implement the idea, but I moved from blogger to wordpress to get the inbuilt category capability - which I still don't use.

My question is this. With your del.ici.ous ideas, can I make any category (tag) a member of any other category (tag) - and allow a non-hierarchical taxonomy to evolve ? (A folksonomy).

Any ideas.

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Blogger jgodsey said...
I may be simple, but i didn't like the idea of sending a reader out of the blog only to have him reenter from another webpage. So I used some ANCIENT design techniques.

I designated some early posts as INDEX posts and then made a sidebar with those index posts pages listed.

Granted everytime I add a post, I have to update the appropriate index posts, I would still have to do that with or anything else.

see an example of this on this new blog i am designing:

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Blogger amit upadhyay said...
Chechout what I have done with labelr on my blog.

Much cooler than this :-)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
What about just using the search function in the Blogger nav bar?

If you put a consistent search term in the title of each post, something like 001PinkThings, a Search This Blog search of that term should return all the posts that use it in the title...

Not perhaps but pret.ty.tas.ty ;)

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Blogger John said...

You're right... So tasty, in fact, that there's 4 methods for doing it listed in Blogger Hacks: The Series.

1. Categories using Google Blog Search - from Orangewise
2. Categories using Google Blog Search & keywords in your post titles, from NetCF2.0
3. Categories using Google Blog Search & Technorati tags as your keywords, from Skeptic Rant
4. Categories using Google Blog Search, with a .js sidebar menu, by Taher.

I maintain, though, that the additional effort required to tag your posts is worth it because of the additional exposure that your material gets.

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Blogger Cheryl said...
Thanks for the insight on implementing the categories using greasemonkey and firefox! One question: how did you get the categories in a drop-down box on your page?

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Blogger John said...

That's a little thing we call "Freshtags"... 30+ users and counting. 3 more in the past 48 hours. Check it out & let me know what you think.

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Blogger eshwar said...
good post..your template is good

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks your info has been really helpful still new to this so looking for all the help I can can get!


love and blessings!

Natty love

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