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Saturday, May 28, 2005
Breaking down barriers on BART
Direct action to force interaction, on the subway, my friends:
The wedding is the latest in a chain of BART interventions
thrown by a loosely organized group of East Bay artists and
activists united under the tongue-in-cheek moniker of the
Passenger Liberation Front. The happenings belong to the
same art-as-activism family as Reclaim the Streets, which
stops traffic for street parties, or the Situationists, a
group of 1960s artists and activists who sought to alter
people's perceptions of the modern city. The NYC Club Kids,
who held dance parties in subways and fast-food chains in
the late 1980s, may also have inspired a prior Passenger
Liberation Front event, an '80s dance party held in March.
BART police, who made an arrest and confiscated boom boxes,
stopped that event short. But the transit takeovers are
generally playful, and today's mock marriage could hardly be
considered rowdy.
From Bruce Sterling

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