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Thursday, February 03, 2005
Right to bear arms?
Via Samizdata: I love the image of the 2nd amendment. Love it.

The specific historical relevance of this amendment has been minimised by the gun lobby for years, and now here it is, minimised for all to see....

In the twenty-first century, "a well regulated militia" is no longer necessary for the security of this free state, what with its standing professional army & national guard and all. This amendment isn't culturally relevant any more. If there's going to be a constitutional justification for the right to bear arms, it should be a C21st justification and not a C18th justification.

Paul Revere is not going to roust people from their beds & call them to the town square for militia drills in 2005.....
Posted at 11:19 AM by John.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
The right to self-defence is the most basic of 'unenumerated rights' and it needs to be hammered home to all the numbskulls who think that the Constitution is the *source* of our rights... it ain't. We have rights and the Constitution is just a tool to defend them. The right to own weapons is simply the right to defend yourself and that, boys and girls, means having a gun.

In fact as a long time reader of Samizdata myself, that is actually their position too!

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