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Monday, January 31, 2005
Am getting carried away with the whole "virtual services" thing, I think. In my post-trackback haze I have signed up to post to Linkfilter, (like that's going to happen) as well as enrolling with blog explosion.

Now blog explosion is a new version of the old "reciprocal banner links" malarkey that I experimented with on Geocities so long ago. Only this time, you can choose to either browse after logging in to the service, with the banners, and earn reciprocal visits to your site each time you visit another member, or you can load a page conventionally with the regular URL, earn no credits, and surf banner free. So, freshblog is banner-free 'til you open a blog explosion account.

I have yet to decide whether the blogs are worth the banners, so to speak, but the experiment continues. In Mozilla, my trojan-free browser of choice, the whole browser hops to the left when loading a new "explosion" banner-bearing page, and doesn't want to come back. This makes it troublesome to visit multiple blogs through the service, but if it will drive traffic my way, I'll certainly try it.
Posted at 8:17 PM by John.

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