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Thursday, January 27, 2005
Stolen Thunder?
via Yahoo Buzz-Log:
A reality show warhorse has decided to change directions. Trading Spaces has dumped long-time host Paige Davis. One of the original spunky doyennes of reality programming, Davis became as much of a fixture on the show as the ill-conceived paint jobs that kept viewers enraptured. Searches on the home-swappin' hostess were up 1,210% over the last day and it'll be interesting to see if the formerly buzz-worthy program can effectively renovate itself without a host. Queries on Trading Spaces were up 151% in the wake of the news, but a look at its searches over the past year shows a steady decline in interest.

Sounds like Paige might be on to bigger and better things, though... via Reality TV World:
According to a recent Daily Variety report, Paige's "future endeavors" may include a syndicated daytime program of her own. The trade paper reported on Thursday that Paramount Domestic TV and King World Productions, the distributors of The Oprah Winfrey Show, are said to be considering giving Paige and interior designer Nate Berkus a new show their own. Both Paige and Nate are regular guests on Oprah, and according to the report, Winfrey plans to "incubate" them in the same manner as she did with Dr. Phil. If developed, the show would premiere in Fall 2006.
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