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Thursday, February 03, 2005
Hiya, Corky!!
We're all supposed to be so happy that we got us a superstar...
February 2005, BALTIMORE -- Tapping his heart and thrusting both thumbs upward, Sammy Sosa stepped to the podium and flashed the broad smile that Chicago Cubs fans know too well. Sosa loved his 13 years with the Cubs, yet he happily put all that behind him Wednesday upon joining the Baltimore Orioles.
But ESPN never forgets:
June 2003, CHICAGO -- Chicago Cubs star Sammy Sosa was ejected in the first inning of Tuesday night's game against Tampa Bay right when umpires found cork in his shattered bat. ESPN's Harold Reynolds reports -- after talking to a a representative in the Cubs public relations department -- that Sosa will admit in his postgame presser that the bat he used tonight was corked. Sosa will say the illegal bat was used for batting practice, but somehow got mixed in with his game bats. He will add that he has never used a corked bat in a major league game before tonight.
Check out the money involved. Ridiculous.
Posted at 9:37 AM by John.

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