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Monday, November 22, 2004
Hell, yeah!!!
via Censoround: "TV writer Lee Goldberg has written an open letter to Kurt & Karen Krueger, the parents who tried to get The Perks of Being a Wallflower et al removed from the Arrowhead High School curriculum."
Asking intellectual property to be banned invites your children to be close minded and unprepared for life. Asking for a book to be removed from a school because it goes against your moral code and then impressing it upon other children not your own is dangerous and borders on the malicious.

Posted at 8:33 PM by John.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Just for the record, it looks like Lee Goldberg's brother Tod, also a novelist, wrote the post about the Krueger's while his brother was on some kind of vacation...but bully for both of them for calling these fools out.

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Blogger Lee Goldberg said...
Tod has expanded his thoughts on the subject in his column this week in the las vegas mercury.

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