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Monday, November 22, 2004
Pistons & Pacers throw down.
a comprehensive rundown at the Irish Trojan's blog, via Instapundit: "How did American sports come to this? How did a fairly routine NBA altercation turn into the kind of riot we more often associate with minor league hockey? And where -- where -- was the security at The Palace of Auburn Hills when thugs disguised at fans tossed beer and cups at Artest? Where were they when Pacers players, led by Artest and Jackson, charged into the stands and engaged those clowns in a barroom brawl?"

Oh, & just for my 10c. Artest (who's season-long ban will probably get reduced on appeal) should be banned for life and sent to jail. We tell white collar crooks that they can't hold positions of corporate responsibility again. This thug shouldn't be allowed to return to his multi-million dollar job either. Sure, fans were at fault too, but 'til he stepped off the floor there was nothing to see.
Posted at 7:45 PM by John.

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