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Thursday, November 18, 2004
The mysteries of advertising...
quite literally. It is the alias web puzzle meets the Da-Vinci code with these very strange ads that are on everyone's sidebar at the moment. David Corn spills the beans:
Apparently [the ad] ties into a TV ad campaign and for Sharp's new TV. I understand there's some huge puzzle buried amid the ad images
and sites with TVs as prizes. Though I'm not very skilled at unpuzzling,
some blogophiles are, hence this campaign.
So the challenge is there: solve
Da Blog Ad Code and win a television. I could use a new television, but I barely
have time to watch TV, let alone solve this mystery.

Alright. Not especially productive, perhaps, but possibly more fun than politics. Let me know where you see the ads, & what they link to. It seems there's a set of fake blogs, for a start, run by Mike, Peter and Natalie, whoever they are. Well, let's see.

The blogs eventually let you get back to a forum for discussion, and the newbie FAQ, which suggests, of course, that I'm way behind the curve. I will say that these ads have been up for a while, & I haven't clicked on them 'til today.

The FAQ has the following puzzle related sites listed, as well as a number of blogs by puzzlers: -- the main portal into the story and treasure hunt. -- contains background info on Dagobert Steinitz and The Legend of the Sacred Urns, and an interview with Peter Lindman, finder of the first of three hidden urns. It's also home to the hub for community interaction, the Steinitz Puzzlers Forum. journals detailing the innermost thoughts of the story's three main characters. -- the homepage of Norman Dean Norman, a purveyor of Homo superus skulls. -- Publishers of an upcoming book about the Legend of the Sacred Urns. -- The "Auto-Aquatic Extrication Experts" -- The homepage of Steinitz Dental Partners, with more to see on Nov. 22.
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