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Thursday, October 21, 2004
"God changed his shirt..."
CNN/SI: "The mighty Yankees lost four in a row to the hated Red Sox in the American League Championship Series, rolling over in Game 7 like untrained puppies in trouble, completing a choke that outdoes any the Red Sox might have gagged out over the past century.

"Right now, I'm just shocked by it all, the way that it ended," said Gary Sheffield, one of the new Yankees brought in precisely to fend off these types of foreign celebrations. "This is weird all the way around. But that's the way it goes. It just got away from us."

The most expensive team that George Steinbrenner's money could buy, the most expensive sports team ever assembled -- with a payroll in excess of $184 million -- couldn't buy its way into the World Series. That's the bottom line of bottom lines.

All that talent, all that experience, all that pinstriped history was crushed in a historic rebound by the formerly damned Red Sox, a team that hasn't been to the World Series in nearly two decades and hasn't won one since 1918."

Let's just hope he changes it on November 2nd too.....
Posted at 10:21 AM by John.

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