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Sunday, October 24, 2004
FLW & the Boss?
Two of my favourite blog topics, together in one story:

From the FLW Unity Temple Restoration Foundation: "On Thursday, September 19th we were locking the door when a forlorn late arrival peered through the art glass doors of the foyer. Despite some distortion, the face looked quite familiar so we unlocked and he pleaded: “I'm only here for the night and I've always dreamed of seeing this building.” After a brief introduction we understood the familiarity: our laggard was none-other than Max Weinberg from NBC Television's Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

We had to know how he came to visit Unity Temple: “I'm the drummer for Bruce Springsteen's band, too, and we had a concert. I'm a huge fan of Wright and this was something I had to see.” After a pleasant 40 minute tour which included some sophisticated and insightful questions, Weinberg was off to prepare for another sold-out concert but not before he had a few words of support, a generous contribution and a promise to do what he can to fulfill UTRF's mission. We wish him continued success and offer sincere gratitude for his support."
Posted at 2:23 PM by John.

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