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Saturday, July 17, 2004
Lance in the Mountains - Day 2
Fox Sports: "PLATEAU DE BEILLE, France (AP) - Lance Armstrong no longer the boss of the Tour de France? What a joke. Clearing the path to a record sixth crown, Armstrong again overpowered rivals on Saturday with a second dominant day of mountain riding that appeared to all but decide the showcase race even before it veers into the Alps next week.
Only Italian Ivan Basso managed to stay with the five-time champion on the devastating ascent to the Plateau de Beille, the last of seven climbs on a sun-baked 205.5-kilometer (127.7-mile) trek through the Pyrenees from Lannemezan. As Armstrong and Basso bobbed off their saddles through excited crowds cheering along the steep snaking road, other riders scattered down the mountain, their hopes of dethroning the Texan evaporating with the sweat off their brows. "
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