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Wednesday, June 23, 2004
The Modalities of the Handover...
From Yahoo: "TEHRAN (AFP) - The release of eight British Royal Navy personnel detained by Iran's hardline Revolutionary Guards has been delayed until at least Thursday as further negotiations are needed on the modalities of the handover, a British diplomat told AFP.

"We have been in discussions all afternoon and evening. There is an agreement that the soldiers will be handed back, but we still have to discuss how it will happen," British embassy spokesman Andrew Dunn said.

He was speaking by telephone from southwestern Iran where the unit was detained on Monday.

"There is a natural break in the talks. We will take it forward tomorrow (Thursday)," he said. "We are discussing the modalities."

The diplomat declined to say if he was confident that the release would go ahead.

"The discussions are moving forward. We are making progress. We hope that continues tomorrow," was all he would say."

As Arnie would say... "Modality this!"
Posted at 5:30 PM by John.

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