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Wednesday, June 16, 2004
Go see Moore's Movie:
on opening night, June 25th - From "Fahrenheit 9/11 opens with footage of Bush administration officials putting on their TV makeup. Paul Wolfowitz sticks his comb in his mouth, slathers it with spit, brushes it through his hair, and grins a toothy grin. Colin Powell eyes the camera nervously as a makeup artist dusts his face. And, moments before President Bush goes on TV to somberly announce the beginning of the Iraq war, we see him goofing around, making funny faces at the folks behind the camera.

These candid portraits encapsulate the genius of Moore's documentary. Compared to his other films, there's little pranking or moralizing. Moore basically stays out of the picture: he doesn't have to indict the Bush administration, because with powerful and indisputable video, Bush and the rest indict themselves...

In the hands of other directors, the content could easily feel exploitative. But Moore is grounded by a patriotism that rings through every frame of the film. Compassion and love of country give the film its striking authenticity: it's clear that what stings most about the President's behavior, for the subjects of the film, is Bush's betrayal of our country's soul.

Fahrenheit 9/11 is a film with the power to change hearts and minds. It's brilliant, funny, moving, and authentic. And together, we can make it a huge success."

There's even a positive Fox news review. Check it out. The number of anti-Moore and anti-movie sites is pretty amazing. These include:
Michael Moore Hates America

(I link to them for their comedy value and not to advance their agenda...) and I'm not sure I liked the tone of the Today Show teaser for Moore on Dateline either.... I'd be interested to see the whole thing on Friday.
Posted at 6:55 PM by John.

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