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Wednesday, June 16, 2004
Great Work Pistons:
From ESPN / ABC: "The Pistons won three straight home games to finish off the franchise's first title in 14 seasons, the third in franchise history. These Pistons are more Good Guys than Bad Boys, much less iconic than the star-studded Lakers, but much better friends and teammates.

Detroit is the first champion from the Eastern Conference since Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls in 1998, ending the West's five-year reign over the league with a demonstration of the biggest difference between the conferences: consistent, hard-nosed defense.

"This team is built on defense, everybody knows that," said Wallace, who finished five incredible games of defense on O'Neal, held 10 points below his career NBA Finals average. "They've got a lot of offensive weapons, but we got up in them pretty good.""
Posted at 5:24 PM by John.

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