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Saturday, June 26, 2004
If Only:
From Lileks: "Look. We don't have to agree on the big hard issues, but we can certainly agree that we share common values that set us apart, and that it profits no one to identify the opposition as something outside the American experience. Liberals are not Communists. Republicans are not fascists. We have a nice window of opportunity here where we can come together by choice, instead of being thrown together by events. I say we get a head start on national unity." Bill Clinton said the same thing on TV this week. The debate needs to be about real things, not about charicatures and parodies and cartoons of reality. More Lileks: At some point, I fear, the political discourse of 2004 is going to seem horribly irrelevant and misplaced in the face of some loud new wretched horror; it will seem as oddly disconnected from reality as the Condit / Killer-Shark news reports of August 2001. An indolent luxury."
Posted at 11:41 AM by John.

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