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Tuesday, March 23, 2004
Instapundit discusses tax returns,
and even though I desperately want to believe the opposite, his comments include this provocative suggestion:: " just have to say this because that last gentleman [Redman] seemed to be veering into the 'tax cuts for the wealthy' mentality: Getting a backyard grill, installing a new kitchen floor, buying a computer for the kids, paying off a student loan--these are things that wealthy people don't have to wait for a tax refund to do. These are nice, middle-class purchases that otherwise may not have been possible. I know some people have had a tough year, but your readers' comments really put the lie to the term 'tax cuts for the wealthy.'"

I guess my follow up is this: If we're getting back enough for a kitchen floor or some debt-reduction, how much is your average CEO getting?
Posted at 6:33 PM by John.

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