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Friday, March 05, 2004
Patrick speaks out.
Entertainment News Article: "LONDON (Reuters) - The film industry is partly to blame for the global culture of violence against women, Star Trek actor Patrick Stewart said on Friday.
'The entertainment industry has been extremely irresponsible in perpetuating and stereotyping the violent attitudes of men to women,' said Stewart at the launch of an Amnesty International campaign against attacks on women.
Stewart, who revealed that as a child he had witnessed his father beating up his mother, picked out Quentin Tarantino's revenge tale 'Kill Bill' for particular criticism.
'I condemn utterly films like 'Kill Bill.' We are told it is about empowering women. All it does is empower a woman to kill other women,' he told reporters.
The film industry had much to be ashamed of in its portrayal of women, he added.
'It's a lazy and sensationalist approach. I condemn it entirely. The entertainment industry has to be super-watchful over this,' he said. "
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