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Wednesday, February 25, 2004
Culture Wars
So maybe I'm just feeling ranty today, but maybe this blog is finally taking shape and developing a purpose beyond it's poorly-defined and narrowly focussed beginnings. Maybe what I'm really interested in, after nearly a year, two servers and three site templates, are the boundaries of taste & consumption in pop-culture & the ways in which we're all squaring off to duke it out in November. The essential question for me is "what will it take to turn a couple of those red states blue?"... and isn't that what Janet, Justin, Howard & all that other stuff is really all about. 'tis a turf-war for decency!! Let's ope that this time the people make their mind up definitively & that the Supreme Court Justices are a thousand miles away when the results are announced.
Posted at 9:18 PM by John.

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