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Wednesday, February 25, 2004
I blame Timberlake.
Northwest Indiana News: - News: "SAN ANTONIO (AP) -- Radio giant Clear Channel Communications on Wednesday announced a 'zero-tolerance' policy designed to keep indecent material out of broadcasts on its 1,200 or so radio stations.

The policy comes the day after the San Antonio company announced the firing of a Florida DJ whose sexually explicit morning show antics prompted a proposed $755,000 fine from the Federal Communications Commission last month.
'Clear Channel is serious about helping address the rising tide of indecency on the airwaves,' Mark Mays, president and chief operating officer, said in a statement. 'As broadcast licensees, we are fully responsible for what our stations air, and we intend to make sure all our DJs and programmers understand what is and what is not appropriate.'

The policy will include companywide training, possible fines against DJs, and automatic suspensions for anyone accused by the FCC of violating indecency rules on the air, company officials said.

'If the FCC accuses us of wrongdoing by issuing a proposed fine, we will take immediate action,' Mays said. 'We will suspend the DJ in question, and perform a swift investigation. If we or the government ultimately determine the offending broadcast is indecent, the DJ will be terminated without delay.'"
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