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Wednesday, February 25, 2004
Culture Wars it is......
America divided on decency: "America's culture war is red hot again.
The Super Bowl halftime show that launched a thousand FCC complaints has stirred new outrage over what many Americans perceive as a decline in popular culture, from music videos with nearly naked dancers to pop stars using the F-word.
The idea of a culture war is nothing new, but recent issues from gay marriage to TV decency have brought it to the forefront again. Nothing illustrates the rift better than reaction to the halftime show, which outraged some Americans and had others shrugging their shoulders, wondering what the fuss was about.
'It wasn't anything that I haven't seen on television before,' said Rachel Johnson, 17, a senior at Myers Park High in Charlotte.
Have the two Americas -- one that held parties for Sunday night's finale of 'Sex in the City,' the other waiting in line for Mel Gibson's 'The Passion' -- really grown so far apart?"
Posted at 7:42 PM by John.

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