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Saturday, September 06, 2003
Give the kid a break!
From BBC Newsround: "Thousands of Star Wars fans are rallying together to try and get a Canadian boy a part in the next film. They hope it will make 15-year-old Ghyslain feel better after he was embarrassed by a video of him pretending to use a light sabre was put on the internet. So far more than 83,000 people have put their names to an online petition that they're planning on sending to Star Wars director George Lucas." Check out the petition.

Newsround also features the scoop on Jedi's and the census: "Star Wars fans have made Jedi the fourth most popular "religion" in England and Wales. In the census in 2001, which counted everyone in England and Wales, people were asked what faith they believed in. An incredible 390,000 people put "Jedi" - making it the fourth most-popular choice, after Christianity, Islam and Hinduism!"
Posted at 4:57 PM by John.

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