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Friday, September 05, 2003
Old Blog, New Blog, Red Blog, Blue Blog
With apologies to Dr Seuss
So I happened to visit my old blog in passing today & was surprised to see 1: that it is actually up :-) and 2: that the referrer script that keeps track of my readers for 24 hours had a comparatively huge list of origin sites on it. I have readers that number in the low ones. :-) Have therefore resolved to install the script on this site too (I had thought it was a bit excessive & a bit slow) and to subscribe to the blogging brits ring w/ the new site. It seems that most of my old blog guests are coming from there, and I currently have no way to tell whether they're making the leap to super groovy blogspot with me.

Which all brings up something else. After reading a couple of other blogs by strangers (picked at random from blogger's "recently published" list) I am suddenly struck by the absurdity of the whole blog thing. For one, who really cares what I think? For two, who is even reading what I post? For three, who shares my bizarre melange of interests and experiences? Am I going to stop posting? Probably not. But do I have a vastly expanded sense of the ridiculous? Absolutely.
Posted at 11:28 AM by John.

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