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Friday, September 05, 2003
Comments Added
Well - That was surprisingly easy. Makes me wonder what other fancy features are out there. After a brief and fruitful google search I have added blogback comments to this page. The folks at blogback make it clear that their service is compatible with blogger. I am not completely happy with the way the comments link sits at the very bottom of the post space, and as you'll see the comments float in their own window above the post rather than being inline with the permalink post a-la Moveable Type, but hey... at least folks who read my posts can annotate what I've written now. The blog lives and grows. By the way: The service will be withdrawn if nothing is posted in a three-month period, so if you're here reading this blog, leave me a little note to keep the comments feature alive.

Update: It seems that a similar service (that may be a bit easier on the eye) is offered by, but they've just moved their server and are currently not accepting new signups. We'll see.
Posted at 4:09 PM by John.

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