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Thursday, October 12, 2006
E-Mail for Feedreading
Randy notes that R-Mail has passed 27,000 users and 68,000 subscriptions. Many congrats, Randy! A great service, which (among other, more significant milestones) is clearly impacting the distribution of Freshblog's content. Warning: Stats Ahead.

As you may recall, I was surprised last August to see that 37% of our 929 subscribers accessed Freshblog via R-Mail. Well, the trend continues. 519 of Freshblog's 1180 subscribers, or 44% now use R-Mail. We're 8th on the R-Mail top-blogs list. This is our biggest single subscriber chunk, and we've piled on 172 new R-Mail readers since Aug. More than twice as many readers see Freshblog posts through R-Mail than through Bloglines, & we're 46% R-Mail - 54% All other Readers at this point, which is much heavier on the e-mail end of things than I would, off the top of my head, have thought.
So let's revisit my questions from Aug, & provide an opportunity for some delurking on the part of our e-mail subscribers. We want to hear from you! If you access Freshblog through R-Mail....
  • How many other blogs do you read that way?
  • What prompted your choice to read blogs through e-mail?
  • What e-mail program do you use, & have you crafted filters and such to help to sort the incoming content?
  • Was the prominence of the R-Mail widget here a factor in your decision?
  • Are you "new" to RSS?
  • Do you have a Feedreader account as well as some e-mail subscriptions?
If you use R-Mail to read Freshblog (& we know there's 500+ of you) we want to know what you think! Please delurk forthwith.... Oh, & if you subscribe through a reader, feel free to chip in too!

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Posted at 7:35 PM by John.
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Blogger Singpolyma said...
I'm interested to see what's in your 16% 'other readers'... ;)

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Blogger Sprittibee said...
Wow! That is great that you have so many subscribers! Way to go!

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Blogger Dale Danley said...
I've been getting Freshblog using Rmail for a few months. I'll admit my ignorance: I don't understand RSS. I have tried to set up a few RSS feeds - sending them places like my google home page or my yahoo home page. I'm not sure if it didn't work of if I just didn't bother to look at it. I don't use an RSS Reader (I'm not even sure what exactly they are). I use Yahoo! webmail. I don't use any filters. I'm not on new Yahoo Beta Email because it hasn't worked on my Firefox browser. And finally, the placement of your email signup did help me choose that option. I don't think I get other blogs by I am open to new options (like RSS).

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I think Dale is exactly why Rmail is such a success. There's more Dales than non-Dales.

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