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Wednesday, October 18, 2006
BloggerHacks Wiki Hack Requests
A whole bunch of new hack requests were posted to the wiki in the last couple of days. If you've got some time to spare this weekend, and you're wearing your hacker hat (the one with the blue flashing light & space for a can of soda), take a look & see what you make of the requests:
  1. Merge Blogs: Basically, I have 6 personal blogs on my Blogger dashboard. That's because I wanted categorization before Blogger Beta introduced labels. For a number of reasons, I want to merge my blogs into one. If there is a way to import all the posts from one blog into another, that would be an ideal solution. Please advise or create a hack to do this, thanks in advance. My blog is here at
  2. Blogsend: No Linkback to Main Blog: I have a Blogger Blog that I've been updating since the Dawn of time, but my friends are all on LiveJournal. Using the Blogsend function, I'm able to update the LiveJournal without actually ever stepping foot on LJ, BUT the issue becomes that BlogSend automatically adds a footer with a linkback to the main Blog. I need to figure out a way to circumvent that, for privacy reasons on my main blog and to protect my guestbloggers. Any ideas? Thanks!!
  3. Pick up labels in adding to delicious (beta): I know there is a known hack to add capability to link to delicious from beta blogger posts. But right now it does not pick up labels of the post and create automatic tags for delicious bookmark. I know it should be not so difficult to include the tags for the delicious link. I am quite used to the current Greasemonkey method to tag my non-beta blog posts and am itching to move to the new beta, but this is one big roadblock for me. Any takers?
  4. My feeds for Autodetection (beta): Is it possible to add my feedburner feed in the beta blog so that autodetection is done on the feedburner feed rather than the default Atom feed or even the beta blogger RSS feed?
  5. Tag Hack for Qumana: I want to use Qumana for my post editing for Blogger. It works much better with Blogger than Performancing. But I want to change the tagging option from Technocratii to RawSugar (as exists with the great BlogThis/Tag hack.) My guess it's a simple business of changing the url somewhere in the Qunama script. Where? How?
To date, the convention for replying has been to edit the relevant section of the Request Hacks page, and add your advice / recommendation under a bolded "solution" heading. Thanks for your input. Check out the Wiki & have fun supporting your fellow bloggers!

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Posted at 6:23 PM by John.
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Blogger Singpolyma said...
#3 -- if you want to see functionality similar to the GM script, that will be coming soon. If you want a link from the footer for users, however, that prefills the tags field, that is known to be impossible ( won't let you on purpose).

#4 -- the technique is the same as that for Blogger Classic. Pull off the header info generated by the all-head-content tag, sub it in where that tag is and delete the tag, manually add <link> tags for Feedburner.

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Blogger Greg said...
For #3, if you mean "Can readers send labels/tags to delicious when they tag my posts?" then Singpolyma is right; those tags will get dropped from a "post to delicious" URL like this:

If the reader is logged out of delicious, they will be prompted to login and the tags info will be dropped.

But, if they are logged in (with eg username "me"), then they can do this:

and the tags will be preserved.

Of course, you can't anticipate what your readers' usernames will be, so maybe a link like this is the answer:

javascript: du=prompt('Please enter delicious username:'); window.location.href = "" + du + "?url="

NB: You'd have to put in the appropriate URL, title and tags based on Blogger template tags or similar.


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Blogger RPM said...
@singpolyma, greg: Yes, I mean the former. I usually use the 'Link to delicious' link after posting from classic blogger and it "picks up" my tags from the Tags field that is inserted by the GM script in the blogger post form.

I am not looking for the latter, where I let my readers bookmark my posts.

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Blogger RPM said...
@singpolyma: As for #4 suggestion that you gave me, I am having a hard time to understand what to remove and from where.

I see in the template editor (in beta blogger) something like:
b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'

The same thing in the 'view page source' ends up with meta content including feeds info.

So, if I understand you correctly I need to remove name='all-head-content' and replace it with what I see in the Page Source?

The only minor downside in doing such a thing is that I am "hard coding" that piece of information, rather than letting blogger do it for me.

For now, just so that I don't make people follow links, I will do what you say (subject to your confirmation of my understanding, or my trial and error later ;-) ) and then hope that blogger updates their template editor to allow other feeds ...

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Blogger Singpolyma said...
@RPM - yup, you've got it! :) The same (bascially) as in Blogger Classic. Blogger has no way to know what feed URL you picked for your feedburner feed, so hard-coding is inevitable in this case.

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Blogger RPM said...
@singpolyma: Great, it worked! Thanks a lot.

Maybe I need to add it to blogger feature requests - to have a field for adding your own feeds from the service of your choice.

I will be looking out for the GM update and then move to the brand spanking new blogger :-)

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Blogger creeva said...
I'm in the same boat as number 1 - I need to merge a few blogs into one - and so far there seem to be no answers

Some things are self explanatory - if you wanted all posts going forward to be in a single blog. Which would entail mail forwarding.

But there doesn't seem to automatically maintain past posts and merge them into one.

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