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Thursday, August 31, 2006
Moods for Your Blog w/ Pic2Color
Just got wind of an interesting new way to give your blog multiple colorschemes or "moods" without going to tons of effort to select colors that match. Pic2Color is a service that will derive a colorscheme from an image that you specify, and apply it to your blog. You could have multiple images in a menu for users to select, as you see on the Pic2Color demo page, or even set up an input box & allow users to submit their own pics in .jpg, .png or .gif format. This is an interesting complement to Aditya's stylesheet switcher for blogger, & will allow users to quickly choose their favorite colorscheme for your content, & package your goodies to reflect their mood.

To signup as an alpha tester, e-mail the Pic2Color folks. To input your e-mail to be on the waitlist for the beta, head to the signup page.

Pic2Color also announced yesterday that they now offer their first downloadable wordpress template.

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