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Thursday, April 27, 2006
Multiple Topical Feeds
In response to yesterday's exploration of microspheres within the blogosphere, Tor has leveraged the category method to provide multiple topical feeds for those readers who are interested in part of his content, but perhaps not all of it. In the case of his multi-topic blog, we're talking Buddhism, Libertarianism, and the State of Maine. The feeds are run through Feedburner to provide maximum stats, feedback, and the Feedflare footer (of which more later...)

If you've implemented categories on your blog using, you can do the same! offers feeds for each of your tags, so using Feedburner is polish rather than necessity. If you're into this, you'd probably be most interested in the user/tag or user/tag+tag feeds as follows:
  • User/Tag combo -
  • User/Tag intersection -
Build a feed for your Microspheres using, and create a series of Micro-Feedo Spheres... or something!

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Posted at 1:02 PM by John.
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Blogger Greg said...
Just shamelessly lifting a snippet from my earlier comments on Tor's blog:

Are you planning to put on some topic-specifc RSS feed buttons too? Maybe you could tag the URLs (eg in delicious, using the tags "RSS_feed pseudoscience" or similar. That way, readers can browse feeds by topic (select "RSS_feed" tag on your blog or in delicious) OR when they pick a topic ("pseudoscience") the RSS feed will be listed as well.

Another side effect: since delicious make all your categories available as rss feeds, people could subscribe to your blog's micro-feeds!

That way, people who are constantly wondering "Wow - what new spin-off feed will he hive off next?" can subscribe to the above URL, and as you create new micro-feeds for the blog ("kittens", "Zen" etc), they will be informed through this "master feed". Naturally, they can then subscribe to the micro-feed:

Or not. :-)

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